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Katie Cincotta

Katie Cincotta began as the national writer for television game show Sale of the Century, and went on to be a magazine editor before starting her own freelance business. She writes about people, health, lifestyle, fashion, animals and technology for publications including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Coast, Women’s Health and Dogs Life. She writes bespoke content and does real estate copywriting in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
katie (at) kcword dot com

Canberra Times

How families deal with the trauma of online life after death

When former navy officer Jeff Mendoza committed suicide in November 2014, his mother Dianne says the last thing the family wanted to think about was closing down his social media accounts. "I'm not on social media myself," she says. "I don't use Facebook but my ...
The Age

Solar storage batteries promise a bright future for home consumers

Tony Abbott loved coal, said it was "good for humanity." After Malcolm Turnbull dethroned him, the new Prime Minister declared disruption technology to be the way forward, "if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it". Home batteries are exactly the kind ...
The Age

Photoshop helps move 3D printing closer to practical home use

New York designers Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti created the world's first 3D-printed dress – a black showpiece for burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. Now 3D software functionality and more complex printers are adding a colour palette to the scene, and Bitonti has turned his ...
The Age

GPS units take hide-n-seek into high-tech age around the world

Liz and Bruce Hanisch are Australian champions. With 23,501 geocache discoveries to their name, they're our most prolific outdoor sleuths. Both in their 60s, they've spent the past decade travelling the world on the "any time, anywhere adventure" that requires just a GPS, a fit ...