The genetic lottery

When it comes to winning and losing in life — having good luck or bad luck — most of us think about the lottery: about what winning a few cool millions could do to change our life. Tropical holidays, a pool, a tummy tuck, a never-ending supply of French champagne? Not many of us think about the genetic lottery we are born with — whether or not that exclusive DNA code will keep us alive and kicking long enough to enjoy a retirement in the sun, and see our grandchildren grow up.

Pet-friendly spots in Victoria

Katie Cincotta takes a trip along the Great Ocean Road to some of the beautiful pet-friendly spots in Victoria. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to head to one of Victoria’s most spectacular coastlines, packed to the rafters with winter woollies (it’s cold down here!), canine tech toys, and of course your panting fur kids in the back seat. It’s everything you’ll need for the doggy holiday of your dreams, in one of Australia’s most picturesque pockets – the Otway Ranges. The lush r
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